Privacy is everyone’s right. We at Naukaristan will not use your details for our own benefits. For registration, you will enter the email address. But that doesn’t mean we will sell the data for money. Our servers have utmost security. We value everyone and data is securely stored in databases.


We will never redirect you to other websites while registration or during sign in. If this happens, your computer might be compromised with a virus. We can’t hold the responsibility for your privacy in this case. Antivirus should be up to date to counter the phishing attacks.


Password is important. You will be solely responsible for the activities done under your username and password. For security reasons, make sure to log out from a website in public networks. If you forget, strangers may use your account to create disturbances.


Upon submitting your resume to the portal, it gets shared to employers. This doesn’t come under privacy violation. Employers of the company look into the profiles and may offer them a shot at the interview process.


We use cookies so that next time our website loads faster for your convenience. A part of website data gets stored in your browser. We never include code to record your passwords and sensitive data. Browsers won’t need to reload websites completely the next time which reduces loading time and bandwidth costs.


Your feedback will be used for improving the website in terms of UI, functionality, and features. As said above, we never give away your precious opinions/ personal data to marketing people or anyone.


User activity might be stored on our servers. This is to see how users cope with website interface and to check if users are facing any difficulties or not. Sensitive information like email, password and other private info is asked during registration. We will secure the data. We employ mechanisms to actively stop hacking on to our servers.


If you feel like some of the above policies are not ok for you, kindly inform us at [email protected]. We will look into the issue and try to solve as soon as possible.