Top 10 WFH Jobs- Salary $15- $30/hour


As we all know very well that everything is shifting towards digitalization so the scope of Online jobs is increasing rapidly. Everybody wants to earn the money from online jobs but doesn’t know which is suitable for them. Various job opportunities are available in the online world. In this article, we will talk about the top Online jobs that one can do at sitting home. Read out the full article carefully and then apply for it as per your eligibility or interest.

Top 10 Online Part Time Jobs

Here’s a list of the 10 best online part-time job options.


1. Do Online Typing Jobs in India

Online typing jobs are in the craze nowadays to earn a good amount of money. It is the most suitable type of job from the home. So many job opportunities are available in this field. To perform this job you only have to hold good typing skills. If you have this then you can apply freely. One can work for this kind of job online or as well as offline. The nature of the work is different for every company. In the beginning, you have to start with a simple and easy task. Once you get a perfectionist in this field then you can able to do complex work too. For the complex work, you will pay high by the organization. So many websites are available on the internet which provides this kind of work without any investment and security.

How much can you earn online money by Typing?

There are no limits to earning money via typing pages and documents. This all depends upon the capability of the individuals. Few peoples go with the audio typing jobs, while some will go with the real typing work.

Under the audio typing projects, there is work related to the educational transcription by which a high income can be earned. Under The real typing work will be done without making any investment, and all the work will be performed physically to digital. A very good amount can be earned with these typing jobs. You can earn $25-$30 Daily or $800 – $1200 Monthly.

2. Start Form Filling work.

For this work, less data processing is required. Under this, you have to fill the data into the form appropriately. Individuals with a good typing speed can go for this job. Because this work also demands quality, not quantity. One can freely join this field without making any investment and registration fees.  This job requires some more effort because the software available for work also makes some mistakes. So you have to view all the data appropriately and carefully.

3. Online Data entry jobs 

The demand for data entry jobs is increasing today. Every organization requires one data operator to operate all the data. Under this job, you have to do the data processing work. You have to convert the raw data into the appropriate format given by the organization. Sometimes you got that data into the text format or sometimes you get it into the audio form. So if you have good communication skills and have full knowledge of the English language then you can go for it. The best part of this job is that to perform this job you don’t require to make any investment.

4. Join easy copy paste online jobs

It is quite different from other online jobs. From its name, you think that you only have to copy and paste. But the work is not easy as you are thinking. Under this kind of job you have to first copy the data, then edit it and finally paste it. All this depends upon the nature of the job and the project available. Under every project, the work is different to perform. But if you are interested to do this work then you can go for it.

5. Earn by SMS Jobs/Mobile that pays daily

Another famous job the online mode is the mobile job. So many sites are there which provide an SMS job but there is a newer version of the earning money from the mobile phones which is updated in the industry. As we all know the popularity of earning money from the apps is increasing rapidly. So many apps are available through which you can earn the money. So many organization are available in the industry which offers you mobile jobs which have to be done by mobile apps. Only you have to get that app to your smartphone and all the work is assigned to you there.

6. Start Amazon online work

You can work for e-commerce. Here we are talking about Amazon. Amazon is such a trusted name in the industry. They offer part-time as well as full-time jobs. To do the online jobs on Amazon You can start your online business Amazon. To start your work on amazon you have to create your profile on it. From your account, you have to upload the images of the products and services you rendered with the full information. It is a good business that you can run and earn a good amount of income.


7.  Do Google Internet jobs

Google is providing so many jobs on a large scale to individuals. Every person knows about this millionaire company. But how cool it sounds to be if we get a chance of working along with them. Google is the most trusted business in the terms of money and quality. So many kinds of Google Online jobs are available which you can do from your area. You will get all the information about this in the below segment. But here we are talking about blogging and digital marketing. It is the best option through which you can earn very well.

8. Make Income from Instagram and Facebook pages

Everyone now wants more followers on their profiles. As we all know that Facebook is the second-largest social site and people spend lots of time on it. Through Facebook or Instagram followers, you can earn a good amount of income. As high the followers are as high is your income. You can use your profile for promoting things and then you will pay for it. In case if you don’t have the followers then go for it. You can create your group and attach so many peoples with it. Once you built a good group then the game is all yours.

9.  Join Paid Survey online jobs without investment

Online survey Jobs are also the type of Online jobs. Under the Survey online jobs, you have to answer the question asked by the organization. Through the online survey, the organization will come to know about their newly launched products and services and come to know whether it is successful in the market or not.

The survey should be done for anything. With the help of the survey, the organization will improve the mistakes in their products and services. Many organizations will provide Internet survey jobs without any security and single investment. For one survey you will be paid by the organization. After completion of one survey, you can apply for the other.

10. Begin Online Teaching Work from home

Due to Covid 19, this job is in craze these days. One can work as an Online tutor from the home. Under Online teaching, you can not teach about the studies only but also teach about music, yoga, cooking, dance, etc. It all depends upon your skills.

Under this, the work can perform with the cloud-based conferencing call. You have to set a fixed time that students can join you at that time. You can teach so many children or people at one time or individually. The choice is yours. You can also train the students by zoom, google meet, or skype. The main advantage of this is that you can teach so many persons at one time and charge differently for every person and you can schedule the classes as per your convenience.  It is the best online job that anyone can do.

Salary Packages

There are various types of work from home jobs by which you can earn money without any huge investment.

The PayScale details are as follows:

Typing WorkAverage Payment(Hourly)Daily workEarnings daily
Form Filling$10 – $251-3Hours$10- $75
Content Writing work $10 – $253- 5 Hours$10- $100
Text Typing$10 – $303- 5 Hours$20 – $150
Data Entry Work$20 – $454-5 Hours$80- $200
Ad Copywriting$10 – $304-5 Hours$15 – $120
Audio To Text$15 – $404-5 Hours$15- $100
Translation Typing$15 – $404-5 Hours$15- $100
Proof-Reading job$10 – $402.5-3 Hours$10- $75


In the end, I will only say that online jobs from home without making an investment is a good career option. Anyone holding good skills can go for these online jobs and start the work from the home. To do the online work from home you only required one laptop No other equipment is required to perform this work. Whether you are a housewife or college student or from another profession this is the best option for you. You can check out the various websites and choose the work as per your skills. We wish you good luck!

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